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Krishna Patel

Market Director - Sacramento, CA


Krishna Patel was born on October 23, 1993 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Growing up, his family constantly traveled, as his parents both immigrated to the U.S. from India and had a very adventurous outlook on life, which influenced Krishna and his values greatly. After spending various amounts of time living and traveling all around the U.S. and India, his parents made the decision to move out to California in search of new opportunities.


His childhood consisted mainly around sports and constant learning, as he was always curious about his surroundings. He was a member of the Mens’ Varsity Tennis team for all four years of his tenure at Long Beach Poly High School and was also an avid basketball player. After graduating high school, he was unsure of what he wanted to pursue in the real world so he attended city college to explore his passions and different career paths. After bouncing back nd forth between majors and starting his own business as a photographer, he decided to join the workforce for an entire summer before returning to school. He began working at Fenix Consulting Group, the Orange County office where Initium had branched off from, and he instantly knew that it was the perfect environment for him. After hitting a rocky start, since it was his first exposure to the professional business setting, he made a commitment to persist and continue bettering himself in all aspects. This determination helped him grow exponentially and he was soon transformed into a top sales representative amongst others within the nation. This level of success helped him realize his true potential which is to commit to expanding the business and spreading the opportunity to help others achieve greatness for themselves as well.


Late in 2014, he was presented with an opportunity to expand to San Diego with Cole Mitro, with whom he had created a brotherly bond, to launch Initium Consulting, Inc. As of 2017, Krishna is now the Market Director for the Sacramento Market.


“The levels of support, purpose, and drive, that our work environment cultivates is second-to-none, and I am grateful to be a part of a huge vision that we are all working towards.” - Krishna


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